Blockchain & Accounting 4 Course Bundle + CBAP Certification
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Blockchain & Accounting 4 Course Bundle + CBAP Certification

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Blockchain & Accounting 4 Course Bundle
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Blockchain & Accounting 4 Course Bundle

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Learn about blockchain while earning CPE Credits and Digital Badges

Our innovative courses allow learners to study at their own pace through videos, hands-on-labs, review checkpoints and blockchain explorer exercises.

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Why Study With us?

According to a recent PwC study, blockchain can add $1.76 trillion to the global economy by 2030. It couldcreate around 40 million jobs in the same period. Take our courses and earn the CBAP certification!

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World-Class Content Creators

Bookkeepers, Accountants and Certified Public Accountants can take advantage of earning CPEs while gaining a deep level of understanding about how blockchain technology is radically transforming the accounting profession.

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Global Students Community

Higher Education students, including Business School students and MBAs, will learn why it is essential to be knowledgeable about blockchain and digital assets in today’s modern economy through our innovative courses.

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Innovative Courses

Each of our courses contain written content created by our Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), including Infographics, Videos (both animated and guided by our SMEs), Review Checkpoints and Learning Assessments.

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Immersive Hands-On-Labs

Blockchain Explorer Exercises and Hands-On-Labs (featuring our industry partners like CoinTracking) throughout the courses help validate that students can apply their acquired knowledge in simulated blockchain environments.

Why Accountants and Students Love MMBA

“A great course that helps getting introduced to cryptocurrency and blockchain from an accounting standpoint. The course ensures that the attendees grasp onto the key concepts with content and presentations that are of high quality and engaging. Overall, a very thorough course that enables the attendees to learn at their own pace.”

 “A fantastic course that lays a great foundation of the blockchain and cryptocurrency world. The course, through a variation of presentations, graphs, and examples, shows its participants that blockchain at its roots is an accounting system that is not only the future but will change the profession of accounting as we know it. All in all, an in-depth course clearly explaining all facets of blockchain is understandable with no prior knowledge.”

The CPE Accounting courses work together to foster an understanding of Blockchain and Triple-Entry Accounting Systems. These courses provide a rudimentary foundation on how Blockchain and Digital Assets will Transform the Accounting Profession. For anyone interested in expanding their knowledge in the blockchain industry, the self-paced, interactive online courses provided by MMBA are extremely valuable and highly recommended.