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Blockchain & Finance - 4 course bundle
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About the Course

About the Certification

We’re thrilled that you’re interested in our innovative Blockchain Finance course-bundle. The course has been designed by industry experts, allowing you to learn and master the intricacies of blockchain finance. You’ll learn from real-world scenarios and gain invaluable insights as you explore the transformative potential of digital assets. Even if you’ve got years of experience in Blockchain finance, you’ll still emerge with having learned something new.

In this bundle, you’ll access all 4 of our innovative self-paced courses. The 4 courses, that you’ll complete are: 

Course #1: Introduction to Blockchain Finance

Course #2: The Rise of Digital Assets

Course #3: Digital Currencies and Payments

Course #4: The Future of Obtaining Financing

Hundreds of students and professionals, who have cumulatively taken over 1500 courses, trust MM Blockchain Academy with their skill upgrading in Blockchain Finance. Our courses have been built by subject matter experts, who have poured their hands-on real world knowledge into equipping you with the knowledge necessary to navigate blockchain finance! Specifically, this course bundle has been created by Baxter Hines, for MM Blockchain Academy.

What’s more, this course will soon be fully accredited by MM Blockchain Academy partners - Wiley, FTII and the ABC, which means that employers, recruiters and academics will recognize that you’re an expert in Blockchain Finance.On completion of every course, you’ll be getting a badge from Credly that you can display on your Linkedin profile, standing out from several others to take advantage of an economy that’ll eventually be powered by Blockchain. 


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