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MM Blockchain Academy (“MMBA”), has partnered with the Foundational Technologies Institute (“FTI”), an unprecedented, industry-led technology, credentialing association formed to ensure the education & training offered by universities, colleges and education providers is of the highest standard, globally, and whose mission is to provide “Proof of what you Know” have formed a strategic partnership

FTI is dedicated to providing third party, impartial, standardized, industry accepted, job ready validation (proof of what you know) for all Foundational (emerging) Technologies. 

The value of  credentialing is now widely accepted, because the skills (needs) within the work-place are constantly changing and people who want to stay in the work-place or people wanting to get into the work-place must keep up, in order to remain competitive. Third party independent credentialing provides a way to map these career paths and quantify any type of skill, which can further enhance a person’s employability. Program accreditation puts a stamp of approval on graduates: obtaining certifiable skills and knowledge indicates that graduates are expected to be ready to practice at a certain level. Thus, giving employers the assurance that they are job ready.  

The Foundational Technologies Institute (FTI) is an unprecedented, industry-led, credentialing association formed to ensure that certification for foundational technologies including Blockchain is of the highest standard. In an increasingly changing world, an FTI professional certification combined with quality education as provided by MMBA ensures that you are  ready to meet the future demands of employers across the globe. Developed by education providers and vetted by our FTI professional evaluation team, our certifications are based on rigorous standards and ongoing research to meet the real-world needs of organizations. This partnership aims to bring awareness, education, training and verifiable proof to Enterprises and Higher Education Institutions about the dramatic shift taking place in the Accounting space today, due to the continued broad blockchain and cryptocurrency adoption.  

Wayne Van Damme, Founder & President of FTI, says of the partnership with MMBA:

 “MMBA are Accountants, Blockchain is an Accounting System, and FTI is a technology certification organization and I see this partnership as providing the most value for the future of Accounting, Accountants, and the acceptance of Blockchain.

MMBA and FTI - bringing you the future, now!”

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