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MM Blockchain Academy (“MMBA”), an Educational Technology firm whose mission is to promote Blockchain and Cryptocurrency awareness and knowledge in the Accounting industry, and CPEThink, a NASBA and QAS Self-Study Sponsor since 2004, have formed a strategic partnership. CPEThink’ s mission is to provide industry-leading online interactive self-study Continuing Professional Education (CPE) and Professional Development courses and exams for CPAs, licensed professionals, general practitioners, and individuals. CPEThink has provided thousands of customers with millions of CPE hours. MMBA's partnership with CPEThink allows us to provide CPE credits for our Blockchain courses for Accounting & Finance professionals.

Tad Stephens, Founder and CEO of CPEThink, says of the partnership with MMBA:

“MMBA's blockchain courses are designed by SMEs with extensive experience in  accounting, finance, blockchain and digital assets. Their courses consist of engaging content, videos, simulated exercises and projects on the blockchain and learning assessments. As one of the leading providers of CPE courses and professional development, we are proud to partner with MMBA."

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Learn about blockchain while earning CPE Credits and Digital Badges

Our innovative courses allow learners to study at their own pace through videos, hands-on-labs, review checkpoints and blockchain explorer exercises.

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