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MM Blockchain Academy (“MMBA”) has formed a strategic partnership with the Accounting Blockchain Coalition (“ABC”), an industry-recognized organization that is at the forefront of blockchain adoption in the Accounting space.

ABC is led by a Board of Directors composed of representatives from Industry leaders in Accounting, Law, Tax, Technology and Higher Education. The Coalition is dedicated to educating businesses and organizations on accounting matters relevant to digital assets and distributed ledger technology. The partnership aims to bring awareness, education and training to Enterprises and Higher Education Institutions about the dramatic shift taking place in the Accounting space today due to the continued broad blockchain and cryptocurrency adoption.

David Deputy, President of ABC, says of the partnership with MMBA:

“Our recent global survey indicates 98% of accounting professionals seek more education on blockchain and digital assets. Our partnership with MMBA allows ABC to deliver the CPE accredited blockchain Courses, Hands-On-Labs and Certification sought by the industry. MMBA stands out in its dedication and focus to delivering the latest in high quality education for this rapidly evolving industry.”

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